Types of Bleeding

Arterial Bleeding: bright red gushing out in spurts synchronized with the hearts beat.


Venous Bleeding: dark red steady flow of blood.


Capillary Bleeding: Brick red blood slowly oozing out.


External Hemorrhage: Large vessels of extremities that are damaged are a common source of external hemorrhage. These injuries include but are not limited to Stab Wound, Gun Shot Wound, Shrapnel, Blast Injuries, Vehicle Accidents. These injuries must identified as Life Threatening Vs Non-Life Threatening hemorrhages. The difference between the two is the amount of blood loss and patient going into shock or already in shock.


Internal Hemorrhage: Blood loss in the Head, Chest, Abdomen and Pelvis needs immediate surgical intervention to stop it. A tourniquet will NOT work for  this and an internal hemorrhage may not be readily evident , treat all head injuries seriously CALL 911 or go to your local Emergency Room. 


Causes of Blunt Trauma: are not limited but include Concussion from a blast, Falling from heights, Closed Fracture ie: Femur or bone fragments that lacerate arteries or large veins. Vehicle Accidents ie: steering wheel, flying projectiles in vehicle, dash board etc. Affecting the internal organs!


Causes of Penetrating Trauma: Gun Shot wounds, Stabbings, anything that forces penetration into the body.



Cool clammy skin , Moist ,Quick Shallow Breathing ,Low Blood Pressure ,Tired Weak , Woozy