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Shooting Range Kit  ( Upgrade )

Shooting Range Kit ( Upgrade )

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Our Shooter kit will save you in a jam, it provides safety glasses and earplugs 2 of the most common items forgotten  items when going to the shooting range. It also includes burn gel just in case you burn your fingers or hand on the hot barrel and also chamber indicators for when your weapon is empty. This upgrade kit includes Chest Seals , Tourniquet ,Trauma Bandage and a Sharpie marker to write the time tourniquet was  applied.    This kit is great for the unexpected emergency that could occur.  Contents come in a resealable bag.


Width: 7 ½”, Length:11 ½”, Weight: 9.6 oz, Kit Contains: 33 Items


1  Hyfin Chest Seal Compact Twin Pack 


1  ⅛” x 3” 3M Steri Strip Skin Closures 

2  2 ⅜  x 2 ¾  Small Tegaderm 

2  Woven Knuckle Bandage 

2  Woven Fingertip Bandage 

2  2" x 3" Woven Adhesive Bandage Patch 

2  2 x 4 Flex-Fabric Adhesive Bandage 

4  1" x 3" Woven Adhesive Bandage Strips 


1  Pr Large Nitrile Gloves 


1  4"in  NAR ( ETD )   Emergency Trauma Dressing 

1  Recon Gen 3 Tourniquet w/ built in Pen to write on tourniquet


2  Pkts. 3.5 ml Burn Gel

2  Pkts. 0.9 g Burn Gel 


1  Pkt. 200 mg Advil Liquid Gels (NSAID)

1  Pkt. 500 mg Tylenol Extra Strength Tablets 


1  Set Of Chamber Indicators  ( Rifle & Pistol )

1  Pair Safety Glasses 

2  Pkts. Hygenall Lead Off Wipes    ( Removes Heavy Metals & Gun Powder Residue )

2  Pairs Silicone Reusable Ear Plugs