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Our SicKit has everything for your runny nose, congestion, Headaches, Stomach upset and diarrhea, rehydration. It also includes a Convenience bag for vomit or urine disposal, it  also has a 1 way valve which prevents the bag from leakage or spillage if accidentally dropped.  With this decently priced kit you can keep on the move compared to having to stop and buy from a gas station or convenience store

(Kit Specifications):  Width: 6" , Length: 9 1/2

Kit Contains: 31 Items


1   pkt   15g Glucose Gel 

2  pkts  500mg Tylenol Extra Strength Tablets 

2  pkts   275mg Pepto Bismol 5 Symptom Relief

2   pkts   425mg Tums (Antacid) 

2   pkts   Dayquil Severe + VapoCool Cold & Flu 

6   Luden’s Cherry Cough Drops

2   pkts   Medi-Lyte Rehydration Tablets

2   pkts    DiaMode (Anti-Diarrhea) Relief Caplets

2   pkts    200mg Advil Liquid Gels (NSAID) 

1   pkt     325mg Bayer Tablets



1  pk   8.6 x 8.3” Pocket Tissues 

1  Convenience Bag   1,000 ml  w/ 1 way valve for vomit/urine disposal


2  pkts  1/8 oz 3.5 g  Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer 

4  P.A.W.S. Antimicrobial wipes 

Storage / Pouch

1 Resealable pouch  (Width: 6", Length: 9 1/2")